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Retail, tourism, promotion and culture in Scandinavia

​CulturePlus is part of the Ottensten Group with 14 offices and subsidiaries in 6 countries.

We are an independent and self-financing trading house, prepared for healthy growth with our many local and global partners.

Our target retail segments are Bookstores, Museum and Tourist Shops, Toy Stores, Florists and Lifestyle. Our B2B activities include Promotional Products and Leisurewear.

We support our customers and suppliers in the best possible way with fast deliveries and easy communications.

CulturePlus is part of the Ottensten Group with 12 offices in 6 countries. We employ more than 150 enthusiastic persons in our sales and distribution locations. We are totally independent, self-financing and prepared for healthy growth with our local and global partners.


We advise you and your company

CulturePlus operates in four segments with consulting, coordination and production. We represent and distribute a wide range of world-renowned brands. Our products and portfolio are set to the highest standards and we strive to provide the best personalized service.​

Contact us​

Cultureplus ApS​

Smedeland 7, DK-2600 Glostrup