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Brands og Haptic

A strong Brands partner: CulturePlus represents a number of international brands in the Nordic markets. We also design and develop Private Labels for e.g. museums and chains.

A strong Promotion partner: We have been working in the Promotional Products industry for decades. Companies and institutions work with our creative team in order to obtain the best results in a short time and at a reasonable price.

We advise you and your company

CulturePlus operates in four segments with consulting, coordination and production. We represent and distribute a wide range of world-renowned brands. Our products and portfolio are set to the highest standards and we strive to provide the best personalized service.

About us

CulturePlus deals with retail, tourism, promotion and culture in Scandinavia. We are 8 employees; all with years of experience in the field, both nationally and internationally.

CulturePlus, in collaboration with the customer, focuses on mediation, the customer's branding, the store's interior design and sales optimization.

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​CulturePlus ApS

Smedeland 7, 2600 Glostrup

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E-mail: info@cultureplus.dk

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