​The Mint with a Punch

The recipe of Barkleys Mints has taken years of development, resulting in that unique Barkleys taste. A rich refreshing flavor with a spicy punch. We call it Tastefully Intense. Let these mints melt in your mouth for a rich mellow taste, but if you dare, just bite them for a spicy explosion of flavors.

Passionate about Mints

Our passion is to create the best high quality mint products. For each mint lover we create a mint which meets his or her demands. With sugar, sugar free or organic, we offer what today’s mint lovers prefer. Our passion for mints is reflected in whatever we create. We always strive for the best possible mint experience. Whatever you like and wherever you are.

CulturePlus ApS

Ejby Industrivej 68

DK-2600 Glostrup, Denmark